Can I Get a Witness?

October 22, 2016

So you want disinformation about Jehovah's Witnesses, then look no further than this podcast!  Brian and Julie dig deep into Brian's beginnings and childhood as part of a "Joho" family, hitting the conversational bullet points like..

  • The Yacht Harbor

  • The Head Waitress Wanted to Bang Brian

  • Cry Baby

  • Yahweh Talk

  • End of the World As They Know It

  • How The Hook Was Set

  • Wise Men Death Squad

  • Jehovah is Easily Tricked

  • Here Come the Judd's!

  • Johnny Bench

  • No Autographs, Just Stories

  • Dad's Letter to Julie

  • Eating Blood is a No No

  • Framing the Letter

  • Come At You With Love

  • Belief is the Start, Faith is the End

  • 144k

  • Bob The Chosen

  • Disfellowshipping 101

  • Blowin' Post Toasties

Thank you for tuning in and we'll see you next week!



1 Halloween, 1 Christmas, 1 Birthday

October 4, 2016
This week it's Brian's turn to go on and on about himself, which may very well cause podcasting's first unsubscribe pandemic. If you can listen to Brian and Julie touch on topics such as...

Should I always be sore?
Brian is all about Brian
Grandma's spit-take
Brian's last 20 years
Snuggles and Lilly
Art Major
Can you be taught patience?
Brian wants to do 'puters
Brian is a college drop-out
Brian does 'puters
"There's my wife!"
Drinking problem defined
Altered is altered
How to break up with people
The consolation prize
Franklin Micro
A Phoenix from the ashes
Let's get creative!
Brian was not raised to be an adult
I was (not) born, in Saginaw, Michigan
1 Halloween, 1 Christmas, 1 Birthday
Brian and the Jehovah's Witnesses
What's the reasoning behind any of it?
Fish out of water
Brian can take care of himself
Brian is a shitty big brother
I'm angry because I have to act this way
Do the work
"The Unit"
Brian loves his brother
The Joho Consultant
The Devil is so strong that he will make you grab a titty
If it isn't love, what is the message?

..then you can do anything.  Thank you for listening!


Two Sons

September 22, 2016

Our second episode is an interesting one in that Julie and I recorded two podcasts that were too short to stand on their own, so we decided to package them together!  The first half of the episode touches on..

The Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend shout-out
Donald Trump's Hair Style is Worthy of Study
Brian's Son has a Black Belt in Low Self-Esteem
Point Sparring vs Continuous Sparring
The Competition
Winning By Default
Not Built to Start a Fight, But Built to End It
Do I Deserve This?
You're A Gallutia and You're Not Surprising Me
Spit Take

The second half of the show focuses on Brian's "random" meeting with a Muslim father and his sons who were eating Indian food after visiting their lost family member, Salahuddin.

Music is "Mathematics" by Mos Def (Yasiin Beh).

This one is all about family, philosophy, faith and love, so buckle up! 

Maybe I’m a Lesbian?

September 17, 2016

It's our first podcast, warts and all, and man are there warts!  (Seriously, I apologize in advance for the audio.  It's not distracting but it isn't as clear as I want it to be.)

This is the first time Julie and I have been in front of microphones, let alone ones that were set to record me "digging deep" into the well that is my friend and aunt, Julie.  In our first episode we get into topics such as..


Testing Testing
How To Be Funny with a 50 foot Purple Gorilla
Conducting a Great Interview
Condo + Rafters = Loft
The Muck
Green Onion Lesson for Those That Didn't Ask For One
Truck Fallin'
Julie Loves Val
Hot Georgia County Talk
The Teacher Look
Retirement Advice for Young Educators
How to Handle a 3 1/2 Inch Floppy
Bless His Heart (and what that means in the South)
Julie's Childhood
We're Old.. Ug
Julie's Short List of Boyfriends
Julie's Long List of Girl Crushes
Okay, Maybe I'm a Lesbian?
The 40 Year Old Closeted Virgin
She Made Me Gay
Out and About
Facebook Etiquette for Adults
Hot Brady Bunch Talk (and Jumping the Shark with Cousin Oliver)
Fiscally Conservative, Socially Liberal is what Brian the Idiot Meant To Say
Energy Suck and Letting Go


I love the band Rival Sons and the podcast opens and closes with their song "Keep On Swinging" whose video can be seen here.  Hopefully that's enough to not get sued!


Thank you for tuning in - Julie and I love you all!