The Ummms and Uhhhs of the Peanut Butter Towel

April 29, 2017

It's been more than a month since we've posted a new podcast, and Julie is totally to blame!  I know right?  What a jerk!  Please direct all hate mail to and while you're doing that, get into our 20th episode that is chock full of subjects like..

Ummms and uhhhs
Buzz buzz
Peanut butter towels
Apologies to Brian's wife
He's got 17 laps and the popcorn's done
The Braeden Whisperer
Feel the haircut
Rename Commonality for Fun & Profit (bad name)
Nice Knockers
Don't Mess with a Presbyterian's laptop
The Thermostat Mystery
Renter's sexism
The Barbara Housh story
...and there's that

Song Credit: "Shadow of the Season" - Screaming Trees


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