The End is The End is The End is The End..

October 28, 2016

It's a given that our listenership knows that Brian is always right and never wrong; however, the universe has conspired against him this week and Brian had to do some research to prove that he is either 100% correct in his understanding of Jehovah's Witness ideology or prove that his understanding is slightly less than the assumed percentage.   


The first part of this week's episode is meant to inform and clarify points brought up in Episode 004 – Can I Get a Witness?  The tone of the closing portion of this week's podcast tasks Brian to answer the question: Even though Brian's Dad's email to Julie came from a place of caring, was it the right thing for Brian's Dad to do?


Other tones that "ding" this week's podcast are.. 


Julie Is Never Full? 

Hot Sauce on Celery 

Buffalo Trace Chili Dog 

Joho Redux 

Hansel and Gretel and Brian and Bible 

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Wise Man Death Squad 

Worshipping Jesus is Idolatrous 

The End is the End is the End is the End.. 

Jesus H Christ, Heavenly COO 

Revisionist History 

No Birffdays 

God is Worse 

No Birthdays = No Anniversaries 


A False Christian's Cross to Bear 

The Persians Started It, The Romans Perfected It 

Rebel Jesus Breakin' the Law 

Love Builds Up 

Brian Imagines Oprah Stories 

The Rhythm Nation Is Not Allowed in the Kingdom of Heaven 

Mad, Understanding, Accepting, Loving, Hopefully 

144k Middle Managers 

Does Bob Forfeit His Spot? 

No 'net for Johos 

Julie Is An Atheist 

Can You Out-Pray God's Plan? 

God Took Out His Poster Child 

Genetically Moral 

Is Brian A Dad Apologist? 


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"Losing My Religion" - R.E.M.  from the album "Out Of Time" -  

"Losing My Religion" - Metal Cover by Leo Moracchioli - Losing My Religion (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli) 


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