The Divorce Game

December 24, 2016

Cyndie is back to endure the bourbon and wine-fueled train wreck that is a Brian Loves Julie Podcast. To keep things on track, Brian introduces "The Divorce Game" to Julie and Cyndie, which eventually leads to topics such as..

Gating Dame
It's a Wonderful Wife
Ready Player One: Cyndie
Ready Player Two: Julie
Mom Gave Me a Penny
"If you don't save what you save then you didn't save anything"
Coupon Circle
"Why do you need a Hemi to sit on your ass?"
Talkin' Adele
Talkin' Gaga
The Big Lebowski and The Princess Bride
Talkin' Stephen King
Talkin' Sylvester Stallone's Mom
Favorite Movies - GO
Talkin' The Matrix
Talkin' Tim Burton
Talkin' Neil Gaiman
Three Times Sh!tty

Song Credit: Nine Inch Nails - "Last" - Broken


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