The Chair Will Bring It To Me

December 9, 2016

Brian and Julie welcome the return of 90's Sh*t Show alumn, Wendy, as we turn the lens on her and bring up topics and stories such as..

Let's Tarantino This!
Multiple christmas trees
Textbook Divorces
"Anderson is a special flower"
New Wave Autism
Interstates and Street Lights
Diesel Dukey
Amelia was not going to live
Trisomy 18
Bereavement Photography
Amelia is an X-Man!
Where's the ambullance?
Caroline the Therapist
We're living in the Matrix, man!
Let's manage Brian's drinking
What's the answer?
Sleep hacks
Let's talk Ambien!
Magnesium Sulfate
God rape can happen at any time!
The chair will bring it to me

Music: "Sleepy Head" - Passion Pit


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