Socially Re Re

March 7, 2017

It's tax season, and Julie's second job is getting in the way of her first job, which should be podcasting with Brian!  Even though last week's podcast is dropping this week, Brian's wife Brandie joins the show to make up for our shortcomings by bringing up topics such as.. 


KE$HA knowledge

Passing on the house

Brian hit a girl

A couple ton killing machine

Let's Talk Millennials

Assistant Harbormaster

Julie is the Dick Vitale of podcasting

Plugging leaks


Attaching emotions to objects

Randomly loves Judah Priest

Apple spice Target injuries

Cat inhalers

Making Brandie cry

Gold star

Changing lightbulb



Socially Re Re

A blush and a giggle



Gratis is Latin for free shit

Makeup bags


Thai Pho Ket

Get to Kara

Lost in West Virginia

Cookin' steaks and winnin' hearts

"I love dairy"

Hasselhoffs, Rocks, Efrons and Manganiellos

Celebrity passes

Jessica Lange?

4am on a CPAP Saturday

Mary Poppins cannot be redone

Edge of Tomorrow

My nethers are in a tizzy

Friends, Parenthood and Firefly

Brian's lost control

Nip Tuck

Famke Janssen

Disney princesses

Awesome is really close to awful

Pressing stop

Baby namin', Baby rockin', Buffy talkin'


Song Credit: Presidents of the United States of America - "Kitty"


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