Satan, Yeti, Martian, Lizard

November 18, 2016

So the conversation this week starts with Brian's tennis career in high school? Ugh! In the interest of moving on, the major talking points in this episode turn to the recent Presidential election that brushed against such topics as..

Girls are now women
The conscious decision to forget
Killing a spectrum disorder with booze
5 hours of church'n
Be yourself in the moment
Blood on the page
Brian got exactly what he deserved
Hot election talk
Beating dead babies
Brian's wasted vote
Mark my words
Satan, Yeti, Martian, Lizard Person
Conversion therapy
President zero sum
The backside of my white hand
White guy health insurance rage
Trump is change
An armed populace
Pence SS 
Neegan please!
Solar flares
Fatty liver disease

Music: "Get What You Deserve" - The Derek Trucks Band


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