It’s Clean Clear to Taco Town

May 5, 2017

This episode started out rudderless and then found it's sea legs and kept on sailing. Is that a good thing?  That may be for you to decide, but during your personal deliberations, keep the following topics in mind:

Low T
We Got a Great Big Convoy
Ray Stephens
Ice Water
Drinking on the Job
Drunk Stories
Going to Hell
Gay Dinosaurs
Someone Gets Hurt
Stuffed Bullfrog
Brian Fugged Up
Duck Story
Conditional Love
No Group Think for Brian
Brian is Sold on Fireball
Autumn Car Bomb
Rush the Field
The Duck Story
Bucket List
Dance Spaces
Carb Style
Ketosis Man!
Aim Small, Miss Small
I Don't Condone, but I Understand
Grandpa's Birthday
The Candy Man is Going to Prom
A Decent Proposal
I Got a Golden Ticket
Japanese Steakhouse Democracy
Many Much

Song Credit: "The Streak" - Ray Stevens


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