If I Told You The Truth, Would You Understand?

December 17, 2016

So here we are, Episode 10, production problems and all!  Julie's microphone decided to take a dump early during our interview with her wife (and my new and second-bestest aunt) Cyndie, but fear not!  Julie and I were able to press on into Cyndie's early adulthood in Boston, her past/present/future stints with her band of friends and musicians, Lizzie Borden and the Axes, as well as schooling Brian on how to be greater and not settle for "gooder."

The makeshift table of contents for this episode includes..

Cyndie lies for Maker's Mark 46 in a purty baw-dul

Episode 10!


Julie's mic just died

Theme song


What? That's legal?

Waltham is bikeable and totally doable

Did it all for the bookie

Ice Cream Truck Newsletter

Lizzie Borden and the Axes

Cousin Oliver

The Ramones were good to us

Brian is an ass for not remembering Cheap Trick

Goldie's Garage

Z Movie Boxcar Blues 

Lipstick Lounge

I need to track down a mailman in Nashville

"The Ridge"

Gay Bar

For you, that's yeeeoooge

Drama for the boys, the women have fist fights

Julie is cute

Meet for sushi

White House

Thank God I Was Pretty

The best obligations are the best feels

Don’t perpetuate what you are

The child is always number one

Zander makes Brian look like a dick

I will run you over in your sleep

Perpetuate what you are

Oh Anthony, you came and you gave without taking..

Peter, don’t' be a dick

Florida is good for her

He taught me way more

Keanu said it best

"If you are already worried about how you are going to mess up your kid, you are not going to mess up your kid"

Grounding doesn't work



The one-eyed Julie is a thing

Brian is one of the good guys

It's not okay

Intent is not enough

Number Two!

The glass ceiling

The glass cliff


"I have a very small esophogus"

Cyndie's living will is on record

Peach, pecan, or olive tree - you choose


Song Credit: "Will You Love Me By Sunday?" - Lizzie Borden and the Axes


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