Happy Valen-Tires!

February 14, 2017

Brian was sick, a week was missed, and life moves on.  Sorry gang, but hopefully this special Valentine's edition of BLJ makes up for it.  Outside of the new, cool intro that may or may not make an appearance next week, Brian and Julie discuss..

Audio Fry Revisited

Coming Out

Happy Valentine's Day!

17 Years is Not Flippant 

I Have Cancer, I've Gotta Go

Touch The Gaga

The Cigar Lighter Story

Hollerbach's Willow Tree Café in Sanford, Florida

Julie the Cookie Hero

Julie's Crazy Ex Stories are Sad

Gold Star Girl

I Cannot Not Shave

Run Far Far Away



That Thing You Were Before the Break Broke

I'm Calling Her Dummy

Title Is Not Entitlement

"A Touch of the 'Tis"

Munchausen by Proxy

Trump Conversations

Fuck Off, Piers!

A Monarchy is the Best/Most Efficient Form of Government

Sue the Judge

Swastika is a Mystical Symbol

France Should Repo the Statue of Liberty

Gay People Are The Only Ones That Have Flags?

Roy G Biv


Rainbows and The Prism

We Live Our Lives in a Bubble

The Ark in Kentucky

Atheist Meltdown

Leave Your Reason at the Door

The Devil Went Down to Georgia

T.J. Maxx and R.E.M.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe - The Godmother of Rock N Roll


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