Extinction Level Event

February 25, 2017

The world ends today on the Brian Loves Julie podcast! While you're waiting for 2016WF9 to wipe out the planet, download this week's episode where Brian and Julie discuss topics like...

Women Who Vote for Trump
Spongey Walls
"What did I say that you're reacting to?"
The Aleppo Thing
Whenever you talk about government, talk about force
"At the end of the day.."
Ron Paul
Brow beating silences, it doesn't change
Why isn't Hillary losing her shit?
Brian didn't not not vote for Trump
It's not about a guy, it's about a thinking
Don't be a wrong quiet person
Trump is a eeyuge civics lesson
Brian is an anarchist that doesn't want anyone to get hurt
The immediacy and global platform of the Internet
Leavin' On a Jet Plane
"I was not complaining was I?"
Brian's pet peeve
Understand My Johnson
Douche crosses all lines
Bernie Bros and the Pendulum Swing
Orange Julius
Radio Free GOP and Dana Gould
Julie Doesn't Grab, She Pets
Palm Springs
Brian does love Julie
"I'm a fuckin' teacher for Pete's sake!"
What are you willing to deal with?
Menagerie of perfume bottles
Damned By Praise
Brian's wife is the best
Break your cycles
Troubleshooting Your Partner
The End of the World is Saturday
God Zero, People One
Enjoy the Flatlands
The Mandela Effect
It's fun but I suck

Closing Song Credit: "Gimme Hope Jo'anna" - Eddy Grant


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