Brian Loves Brandie

December 2, 2016

So the Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone and with this episode, Brian attempts to get the podcast train back on track by bringing his lovely wife Brandie into the mix. She was nervous at first, but eventually opened up and discussed such topics as..

My esophagus is funky
How to burp out your butt
Whistle Pop
Brandie, she's a fine girl
Love/Hate the spotlight
Brian isn't romantic
"The rotund wench is on the floor!"
O'er the ramparts... uh..
Julie loved Little Debbie
Zander is an awesome rainbow baby
Chicks dig scars
Pay cash for babies today!
Braeden is a special little guy
Na Noo Na Noo
"It all worked out in the end "
Weddings are 'spensive
Run over a Judd
Brian is not a singer
Help Meet
The lap dog sex position is very nice
7lbs in 5 days is not possible
Kristen is the best boss
Grape Rape & Captain Cave Man
Science Bless You
Off the rails
Like sands through the hour glass..

But wait! There's more!

Brian is a huge fan of the podcast Matt & Mattingley's Ice Cream Social and he created an audio quiz for their popular segment "Jock versus Nerd." We tacked that quiz onto the end of this podcast so you all can play along! Buckle up as Julie, Matt and Paul (hopefully) play "Jacques versus Bird!"

Song Credit: "Brandy You're a Fine Girl" - Looking Glass, 1972

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