Be Open

January 21, 2017

So a Saturday-Cast seems to be how our release schedule plays out, so we're going with it. Hello Saturday! .. and thank you for tuning in! In this episode we get dark and light, gross and glorified, depressed and impressed, but all for the greater good. All in all, this podcast reminds us that we are very small in a very big reality but with that said, we are the "biggest" in our own realities, so owning those understandings is necessary to living a life worthy of story.

Speaking of story, Brian and Julie touch on topics such as...

Rudebegas and The Carpenters
Smoked Beats and the Fortification of Brian's Junk
Harvard Beats?
Brian loves apple salad
Julie can't Jell-O
Onion Sandwich
Amazon gift card
Coloplast InterDry
Grandma is a Gorilla in the Mist
What does awful look like?
Killin' friendships
Oh Brian, you're such an asshole
Intentional asshole vs clueless asshole
Brian the social coordinator
The Top Nacho
Rockwell Automations Retro Encabulator Quiz!
Fan mail!
Start another podcast to make you interesting
Always question reality, don't accept it
Brian is not a theist, which makes him atheist
Digital ghosts and resonance
My Facebook sees dead people
Julie's friend chased ghosts
Pokemon Go and Waveland
Julie's cats don't know Internet
"I can't discount things that I can't count"
No number for nothing
Infinite monkeys
..but no!
Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon
Julie naming 23's
D'ractence - the apostrophe makes it racist
Two psychological Subarus
Déjà Vu and miss-filing memories
No one got a lottery number off of a Déjà Vu
To voo again
Be open
It's a weird wire to walk in being a whole person
Cheetolini Talk
Crowdsource a bus!
The counter-balance to bad government is an armed populace
Clog the system
Polar the Same
What Mexican took your job?
Shake the system
Make America 80's Again
"The Donald" has his mob
The Republic for Which We Stand
Constitutional counters
Is Pence better?
The greater good is the death of good
Rage against the dying of the light
Black Jesus

Song Credit: Queensrÿche: Open


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