Say Hello to Heaven

June 14, 2017

Even though Julie is still out of town and pocket, we have this episode of Brian Loves Julie chambered and ready to fire.  We start the podcast with another round of the Urban Dictionary Game and Brian closes the podcast in memorializing Chris Cornell in an attempt to make Julie a fan of his work.  Other topics that will make you a fan of this podcast include..

I don’t like the tone you’re striking
World peace is not possible
Urban Dictionary Game – Round Two!
Beat out a paycheck
Chicken sleeping
Trump Stamp
April Tool
Crankin’ the Hog
Down Tight
Trump Basket
Bakin’ steaks
Rosemary tastes twiggy
Gay butt-hurt
Making Julie a fan of Chris Cornell
Triumvirate of Grunge
The Shemps
What is grunge?
Louder Than Love
Jason Everman
Jesus Christ Pose
Johnny Cash’s Rusty Cage
Black Hole Sun
Pretty Noose
What’s In It For Me?
I’ve Been Drinkin’ Life While You’ve Been Nauseous
Out Of Exile
Say Hello To Heaven
Nothing Compares 2 U

Song Credit: “Nothing Compares 2 U” – Chris Cornell



Rainbows and Kittens

June 5, 2017

Before Julie pointed her Subaru north for a 3 week trip to Boston, Brian sat her down, strapped her to a chair and forced her to squeeze out a couple of podcasts.  This week's episode not only outlines Julie's "rainbows and kittens" mandate for life, but also touches on topics like...

Hotbed of impeachment
Speak with authority
Genetic procrastination
You down with OCD?
The Urban Dictionary Game – Round 1
Break Green
Face Jerking
Star Wank
Sugar Nuts
A No Sh*t Situation
Communication Breakdown
Julie Hits Brian
Julie Walks Out
Therapy waiting to happen
Emotional Sales Jiu Jitsu
Nature abhors a void
Go F*ck Yourself
Remember Nick?
This story needs a drink
Follow the lease
Sexist rentist
Rainbows and kittens

Music Credit: "Flower" by Soundgarden


Whoa Nellie!

May 26, 2017

This week the uninitiated all bow down to the one that knows all about Little House on the Prarie, Brandie Gallutia!  From A for Almonzo to Z for .. uh .. Walnut Grove .. this Julie-less episode touches on topics such as..

Wash Yo Face
16 Year Old Buttholes
Norman Lear
The LHotP Quiz
Isaiah dammit!
College Grove
Deep as Sh!t!


It’s Clean Clear to Taco Town

May 5, 2017

This episode started out rudderless and then found it's sea legs and kept on sailing. Is that a good thing?  That may be for you to decide, but during your personal deliberations, keep the following topics in mind:

Low T
We Got a Great Big Convoy
Ray Stephens
Ice Water
Drinking on the Job
Drunk Stories
Going to Hell
Gay Dinosaurs
Someone Gets Hurt
Stuffed Bullfrog
Brian Fugged Up
Duck Story
Conditional Love
No Group Think for Brian
Brian is Sold on Fireball
Autumn Car Bomb
Rush the Field
The Duck Story
Bucket List
Dance Spaces
Carb Style
Ketosis Man!
Aim Small, Miss Small
I Don't Condone, but I Understand
Grandpa's Birthday
The Candy Man is Going to Prom
A Decent Proposal
I Got a Golden Ticket
Japanese Steakhouse Democracy
Many Much

Song Credit: "The Streak" - Ray Stevens


The Ummms and Uhhhs of the Peanut Butter Towel

April 29, 2017

It's been more than a month since we've posted a new podcast, and Julie is totally to blame!  I know right?  What a jerk!  Please direct all hate mail to and while you're doing that, get into our 20th episode that is chock full of subjects like..

Ummms and uhhhs
Buzz buzz
Peanut butter towels
Apologies to Brian's wife
He's got 17 laps and the popcorn's done
The Braeden Whisperer
Feel the haircut
Rename Commonality for Fun & Profit (bad name)
Nice Knockers
Don't Mess with a Presbyterian's laptop
The Thermostat Mystery
Renter's sexism
The Barbara Housh story
...and there's that

Song Credit: "Shadow of the Season" - Screaming Trees


MDI’s For Fun & Profit

March 19, 2017

What's an MDI?  Million Dollar Idea baby, and this episode is full of them!  There are too many to list, so you'll just have to listen for both fun and profit.  Our business plan this week includes topics such as..

Cat Selfies
Grandma Smells
Tech Corner! Hard Drives and OneNote
Million Dollar Ideas
Rainbow Bridge?
Egg Carton Dynamics
Ground Pilots
Ender's Game
My Liver has a Cape
Your Brother is Listening
Stephen Ratted Us Out!
Me Familia
Self Examination
Sometimes people just don't get along
Brandie's Gay Husband
I've Got Plenty of Me
Brian Misses Food Service Industry Scuttlebutt

Song Credit: "Sweet Child O' Mine" - Guns N' Roses


Socially Re Re

March 7, 2017

It's tax season, and Julie's second job is getting in the way of her first job, which should be podcasting with Brian!  Even though last week's podcast is dropping this week, Brian's wife Brandie joins the show to make up for our shortcomings by bringing up topics such as.. 


KE$HA knowledge

Passing on the house

Brian hit a girl

A couple ton killing machine

Let's Talk Millennials

Assistant Harbormaster

Julie is the Dick Vitale of podcasting

Plugging leaks


Attaching emotions to objects

Randomly loves Judah Priest

Apple spice Target injuries

Cat inhalers

Making Brandie cry

Gold star

Changing lightbulb



Socially Re Re

A blush and a giggle



Gratis is Latin for free shit

Makeup bags


Thai Pho Ket

Get to Kara

Lost in West Virginia

Cookin' steaks and winnin' hearts

"I love dairy"

Hasselhoffs, Rocks, Efrons and Manganiellos

Celebrity passes

Jessica Lange?

4am on a CPAP Saturday

Mary Poppins cannot be redone

Edge of Tomorrow

My nethers are in a tizzy

Friends, Parenthood and Firefly

Brian's lost control

Nip Tuck

Famke Janssen

Disney princesses

Awesome is really close to awful

Pressing stop

Baby namin', Baby rockin', Buffy talkin'


Song Credit: Presidents of the United States of America - "Kitty"


Extinction Level Event

February 25, 2017

The world ends today on the Brian Loves Julie podcast! While you're waiting for 2016WF9 to wipe out the planet, download this week's episode where Brian and Julie discuss topics like...

Women Who Vote for Trump
Spongey Walls
"What did I say that you're reacting to?"
The Aleppo Thing
Whenever you talk about government, talk about force
"At the end of the day.."
Ron Paul
Brow beating silences, it doesn't change
Why isn't Hillary losing her shit?
Brian didn't not not vote for Trump
It's not about a guy, it's about a thinking
Don't be a wrong quiet person
Trump is a eeyuge civics lesson
Brian is an anarchist that doesn't want anyone to get hurt
The immediacy and global platform of the Internet
Leavin' On a Jet Plane
"I was not complaining was I?"
Brian's pet peeve
Understand My Johnson
Douche crosses all lines
Bernie Bros and the Pendulum Swing
Orange Julius
Radio Free GOP and Dana Gould
Julie Doesn't Grab, She Pets
Palm Springs
Brian does love Julie
"I'm a fuckin' teacher for Pete's sake!"
What are you willing to deal with?
Menagerie of perfume bottles
Damned By Praise
Brian's wife is the best
Break your cycles
Troubleshooting Your Partner
The End of the World is Saturday
God Zero, People One
Enjoy the Flatlands
The Mandela Effect
It's fun but I suck

Closing Song Credit: "Gimme Hope Jo'anna" - Eddy Grant


Happy Valen-Tires!

February 14, 2017

Brian was sick, a week was missed, and life moves on.  Sorry gang, but hopefully this special Valentine's edition of BLJ makes up for it.  Outside of the new, cool intro that may or may not make an appearance next week, Brian and Julie discuss..

Audio Fry Revisited

Coming Out

Happy Valentine's Day!

17 Years is Not Flippant 

I Have Cancer, I've Gotta Go

Touch The Gaga

The Cigar Lighter Story

Hollerbach's Willow Tree Café in Sanford, Florida

Julie the Cookie Hero

Julie's Crazy Ex Stories are Sad

Gold Star Girl

I Cannot Not Shave

Run Far Far Away



That Thing You Were Before the Break Broke

I'm Calling Her Dummy

Title Is Not Entitlement

"A Touch of the 'Tis"

Munchausen by Proxy

Trump Conversations

Fuck Off, Piers!

A Monarchy is the Best/Most Efficient Form of Government

Sue the Judge

Swastika is a Mystical Symbol

France Should Repo the Statue of Liberty

Gay People Are The Only Ones That Have Flags?

Roy G Biv


Rainbows and The Prism

We Live Our Lives in a Bubble

The Ark in Kentucky

Atheist Meltdown

Leave Your Reason at the Door

The Devil Went Down to Georgia

T.J. Maxx and R.E.M.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe - The Godmother of Rock N Roll


Julie the Activist

February 4, 2017

Brian and Julie drop another Saturday podcast before they drop in on Comedy Off Broadway in Lexington, Kentucky to see one of Brian's favorite comedians, Bert Chrysler (aka, Bert Kreischer). The podcast starts off with a production meeting that is probably best left off-mic, continues with Julie's advertures in activism and wraps up with Brian introducing Julie to "The Machine."  Other topics that you'll be tested on later include..

Let's Have a Theme Song!
Shave and a Hair Cut
Dead Dog Management
Power of Eternity
The Women's March
No Betsy DeVos!
World Hijab Day
"We have to love better"
Evolving Takes Practice
Hijab Howdown!
Podcast Sound Engineering Segment (and what not to do)
The Machine